Your Lisbon Flat group is proud to present its most recent project,

Your Lisbon Laundry.

Your Lisbon Laundry as the name suggests is a fully self-service laundromat, with a modern and refreshing style. In this new establishment, located in one of the most vibrant parts of Lisbon, you can not only wash your clothes but also dry them utilizing fine machinery and reliable products. With a rejuvenate and innovative design and architecture Your Lisbon Laundry comes up as a space where you can solve all your daily routine and busy schedule problems concerning your clothes. All of this in a diferentiated and invigorating laundromat.

Don´t just sit there waiting until your landry is done. We are 10 minutes away from Portas de Benfica ehich means you can fil your time choosing from a varity of services around like restaurants, caffees, finance services, banks, and so on. And you have free Wi-Fi throughout the Laundromat which means you can enjoy your time as most suits you, either its working, scrolling through social media or even catching up on your series and movies!


More than a Laundromat, this is a space where you can enjoy your time. Read a book, go online! It´s free! Wash your soul

What is national is good! Our products are carefully chosen and we opt for Portuguese brands which concern about quality and environmental awareness.

Everything is close by! Go for a cup of coffee, deal with your finances, leave a letter in the posto-office! Whatever you want. Or stay and relax!

No need for longer searching for an extremely clean place which follows every legal aspect of a safe and responsible higienization! Here we thrive for HAACP rules and are very strict about it!.


In YLL we try to answer both particular as business’ clientes needs.

In YLF Group we count with the expertise of credentiated professionals in the areas of Turism and Hospitality as well as business areas concerning Laundry and Clothes care which motivates our awareness of the difficulties some minor bussinesses such as hostels, local tourism proprieties and short term rental companies face when it comes to effieciently manage their clothing process. We cannot forget bussinesses as Hairdressers and Restaurants or Bars.

Therefore we seek to promote and divulge solid solutions for companies in the referred sectors to make sure that the management of their laundry does not need to be complicated and costly.

We are here to help and to endorse stronger bondings between YL and this companies in order to make their clothing processes more efficient and suitable for their professional exercise.




Your Lisbon Laundry is open everyday from 8 am to 10 pm.

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